About Us

Since 1951, MHASP has been a leader regionally, statewide and nationally in transforming mental health services to become more responsive to the priorities of individuals with mental health challenges and their family members.

Our history is a robust story of creating opportunities for individuals and family members to experience hope and overcome the challenges imposed by mental health conditions. We are dedicated to innovating new service approaches, reducing discrimination, restoring hope and self-esteem, and creating the circumstances for individuals to improve their lives.

MHASP is a nonprofit corporation that creates opportunities for individuals and family members to effectively respond to the challenges of mental health conditions through our work in five domains:  advocacydirect support to individualstraining and educationinformation and referral, and technical assistance.

Including individuals with mental health conditions and family members in all aspects of MHASP operations is an organizational value and practice.  Demonstrating the benefits of people in recovery and family members working with other professionals has positioned MHASP for a unique leadership role in a health care system that is rapidly shifting responsibility for health care management to consumers. 

Throughout Bucks, Chester, Delaware, Montgomery and Philadelphia counties, MHASP offers more than 40 services, most of which are peer-to-peer.  Statewide and nationally, MHASP provides training, advocacy and technical assistance. 

Our Vision

Individuals challenged by mental health conditions are empowered to direct their recovery journeys, and family members are prepared to play supportive roles, all as members of informed and inclusive communities.

Our Mission

To promote groundbreaking ideas and create opportunities for resilience and recovery by applying the knowledge learned from the people we support, employ, and engage in transformative partnerships.

Our Values

  • We value Hope, the belief that a better future is achievable. By fostering hope, we promote success and resilience.
  • We value Self-Determination, the exercise of free will - to encourage the independent expression of ideas and control over one's own life.  
  • We value a Holistic Focus, which represents the interrelatedness of all human needs. By recognizing the connection among physical, mental and spiritual needs, we nurture growth and creativity.
  • We value Support, the nonjudgmental sharing of knowledge, experience and assistance among peers and colleagues - as a basis for promoting personal and professional development and achievement.  
  • We value Cultural Awareness, understanding and honoring a person's deeply held values, beliefs and practices - as a foundation for building, enriching and complementary relationships.  
  • We value Personal Responsibility, that each of us is accountable for our actions, and that each of is responsible for pursuing his or her purpose in life - as vital for overcoming challenges and achieving personal and professional goals.  
  • We value Empowerment, the process of helping individuals increase their capacity to make choices and to transform those choices into desired outcomes - as necessary for helping individuals gain the self-confidence required for self-actualization and leadership.
  • We value Respect, the unconditional regard for the inherent worth of all individuals - as necessary for developing, maintaining and enhancing effective personal and professional relationships.
  • We value a Strengths-Based Perspective, which presumes that everyone has resilience and talents, and which acknowledge individuals' unique ideas and experiences. By focusing on strengths, we cultivate hope.
  • We value Education and Learning, the lifelong pursuit of knowledge and experiences - for their own sake and for enhancing personal and professional development.

Our work is guided by the following convictions

  • People with serious mental health conditions can and do recover. 
  • Recovery is different for each person, but is possible for all. 
  • Recovery occurs in the community and with connections to natural supports.
  • Individuals affected by mental health conditions are endowed with the resilience required to overcome significant adversity. 
  • Creating an environment of hope is the first step for a successful recovery journey.
  • The active involvement of people with mental health conditions and family members at all levels of planning and development is essential for the achievement of system transformation and successful outcomes.
  • Children, youth, adults, family members and communities have the capacity for resilience and recovery.
  • Successful organizations proactively include all employees and other stakeholders in organizational development, planning and decision-making.