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Advocacy is a fundamental part of our mission and among its greatest strengths. The principal mission of the Advocacy Division is to influence policies and systems that touch of the lives of people with mental health conditions and their families. Systems advocacy is executed through several strategies, including community and grassroots organizing and engagement, policy analysis and writing, legislative advocacy and education, and leadership development.   

The Advocacy Division also includes a team of advocates who directly educate and assist individuals with service delivery complaints and grievances and in navigating benefits systems; protect consumer rights in inpatient and outpatient settings; make linkages to community resources; teach/guide mental health consumers to educate their peer groups and the public about mental health conditions; help consumers enroll in affordable insurance options; and help consumers fully engage in democratic processes. Our direct service advocates use their cultural and linguistic competence and knowledge of life-stage-appropriate care to support individuals and families to self-manage their own wellness.

Thank you especially to the programs who are already participating in this important day.   We have great turnout already from a number of our programs and it does not go unnoticed!


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