Uncovering kids: 89,000 poor Pa. kids slashed from Medicaid

Kheli Muhammad , of Overbrook, holds her son Samad, 2. He has a cardiac pacemaker but was removed from Medicaid rolls.
Poor hurt by Corbett cuts

The 30-year-old mother of two boys was stunned.

"It is written in stone that he's covered," Muhammad said of Samad, who qualifies for Medicaid based on his serious medical condition, not the family's income level. "He's pacemaker-dependent . . . [H]is heart will not beat without a pacemaker."

But the heartbeat of the fragile little Samad was clearly not a priority for welfare officials, who informed Muhammad that she had failed to renew his benefits - even though she said she had not received renewal paperwork in the mail - and that she'd have to reapply.

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Corey Rogers