Becky Espanol Received the Family Leadership Award given by the Family Resource Network (FRN)

Please join me in congratulating Becky on receiving the Family Leadership Award, given by the Family Resource Network (FRN) at their family recognition celebration last Saturday, April 26th. (photos of the event will be posted soon!)

Becky has been a committed and tireless family advocate for over a decade here at MHASP. And as most of you know, her support, enthusiasm, generosity and compassion is boundless.

She can be counted on to provide information, support or at times a homemade cake , when there is a need.

Thank you Becky for all you do here at MHASP and for those in the community who you support and assist.

"For over a decade, Becky has supported many families, as well as the child serving systems, from a bilingual and multi-racial perspective.

Her support has enabled families to advocate for their children and assisted many of the child serving systems in becoming more accessible to families whose primary language is Spanish." - Family Leadership Award from FRN - 4/26/14