MHASP's Bryce Hewlett In the Media

AUGUST 25, 2015

Stones marked with only numbers surround this sculpted angel at the cemetery on the DHSS campus near New Castle. (photo courtesy DCRC)

Excerpted from Forgotten cemetery gets new life in Delaware by Mark Eichmann,

"Hundreds of mentally ill patients from the former Delaware State Hospital were buried in unnamed graves. An effort to better honor their memories is now underway.

"Everything is in a name. That's the beginning of my identity," said Bryce Hewlett who heads up the Delaware Consumer Recovery Coalition. "I'm not just some person who has a mental health diagnosis. I am Bryce, this is me." The DCRC is a group dedicated to improving community inclusion for those recovering from mental illness...Just being able to put the names of the people who have passed away and are now buried in a place that's recognizable, is very significant to bring dignity to the people buried here," Hewlett said

The monument is scheduled to be unveiled next spring. Donations to help fund the monument are being accepted at"

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Mary Boardman