“On Feb. 1, 2007, the Philadelphia Police Department graduated its first class of Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) officers, who volunteered to participate in the Department’s groundbreaking CIT pilot project. MHASP participated in training these officers, as well as in training subsequent CIT classes.”

“The PEAK (Parent Empowerment for Advocacy through Knowledge) Program, MHASP’s eight-week training series that teaches parents and caregivers to be effective advocates, expanded from Philadelphia into other areas of Southeastern Pennsylvania. Pilots of the training in Chester, Delaware and Montgomery counties were very successful.”

“MHASP created a stakeholder group – representing consumers, family members, advocates, providers and psychiatrists – to ease the path of individuals residing in Norristown State Hospital who would soon be rejoining the community as the hospital downsized and potentially closed.”


2000'sSusan Rogers