Connecting mental illness and mass shooting misses the point, experts say | NBC News


evin Neal’s family knew he was mentally ill, but they never thought he would kill five people and attack an elementary school in rural northern California. But Neal committed both those acts on Tuesday, and it has left his family asking some very difficult questions.

"We got, 'I can't take it anymore’ a thousand times — like when do you know if it's real?" asked Sheridan Orr, Neal’s sister.

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ArticleNed Redmond
It’s All in the Name

A few years ago, Mental Health Partnerships (MHP), then known as Mental Health Association of Southeastern Pennsylvania (MHASP), began expanding its supporter base and recruiting board members from outside the behavioral health space. But people from the corporate and business worlds didn’t easily grasp what the organization was all about. The name “Mental Health Association of Southeastern Pennsylvania” didn’t say it all!

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Our Statement on HB 59

Yesterday morning, in an effort to finalize state budget negotiations, the Pennsylvania Senate passed HB 59, with provisions imposing work requirements on Medicaid beneficiaries. The provisions also open the door to cuts in “nonessential” benefits including things like dental, vision and prescription drugs.

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Mental Health Partnerships brings expanded care to tri-state region

The Mental Health Association of Southeastern Pennsylvania has endeavored since 1951 to bolster long-term recovery outcomes for those in need.  A newly announced name change to Mental Health Partnerships speaks, in part, to its expanded reach and ambition.  NewsWorks Tonight host Dave Heller speaks with Michael Brody, President and CEO of Mental Health Partnerships. Listen to the conversation below.

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