People First 2014 Summer

A No-Strings Approach Helps Individuals Overcome Homelessness--By Elisa Ludwig
  • Housing First and similar programs are offering effective solutions to homelessness in Pennsylvania and around the country, using a "no questions asked" model for providing independent housing to individuals who are homeless.

PA Programs Promote Link Between Spirituality and Recovery--By Elisa Ludwig

  • Recognizing the healing powers of spirituality, Pennsylvania behavioral health care programs are incorporating faith-based approaches as well as helping to educate clergy about how to better support congregants who have behavioral health issues in their journeys toward recovery. 

In the Grip: How I Found Grace and Recovery--By Jake Bowling

  • The author writes that his story, involving a three-year crisis of faith, "energizes me in the fight for social justice and for more opportunities for people to recover. It also makes me keenly aware that faith can be a source of pain, a force for healing, or both."


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