People First 2016 Winter

Some PA Programs Help Parents with Mental Health Conditions Keep Their Families Intact
–By Elisa Ludwig


Among the reasons parents with mental health conditions risk losing custody are lack of support, economic hardship, and other stressors that exacerbate mental health challenges. Another factor is the prejudice associated with mental health conditions. But some Pennsylvania programs can help.


CSP Gives Mental Health Stakeholders a Platform to Help Them Promote Recovery
–By Elisa Ludwig


Since 1984, CSP has given Pennsylvania mental health stakeholders a platform to shape services, broaden minds, reduce discrimination and prejudice, and support recovery by helping individuals with mental health conditions and co-occurring disorders live successfully in the community.


The Journey of a Thousand Miles Begins with a Single Step: How I Took That Step 
–By Joseph Alex Martin


“I was inspired by seeing someone who could be the evidence, who let me see that the world was full of endless possibilities,” the author writes. “All I had to do was to take that first step towards those possibilities.”



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