People First 2016 Summer

Rural Mental Health Services in PA Strive to Meet the Challenge By Elisa Ludwig

Although poverty and prejudice as well as a lack of access to services can make it difficult for rural Pennsylvanians to get behavioral health care, organizations such as the Behavioral Health Alliance of Rural Pennsylvania and alternatives such as telepsychiatry can help.

Hoarding Assistance Programs Help Pennsylvanians Try to Create Order Out of Chaos By Elisa Ludwig

Between 2 percent and 5 percent of people in the United States may be classified as having a hoarding disorder, which is considered a disability that requires reasonable accommodation. Programs around the state are trying to assist Pennsylvanians who struggle with this condition.

“My Life Has Purpose”: Living Successfully With Schizophrenia and Tardive Dyskinesia By Jeff Shair

The author writes: “I hope my story inspires others who feel hopeless and think they have no future to realize that recovery is possible and their potential is just waiting to be unlocked.”

People First 2016 Summer

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