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MHASP offers over thirty-five services and programs in the “five county” region of southeastern Pennsylvania: Bucks, Chester, Delaware, Montgomery and Philadelphia counties. Many of the services are delivered by people in recovery with a mental health diagnosis, based on the principle that self-help and mutual support are empowering and that the best helpers for those in need are often those who have experienced similar challenges. Our recovery based practices and programs offer a model of service delivery that emphasizes peer support demonstrating that recovery from mental illness and/or addiction is possible.  All of our services are designed to empower people with mental health diagnosis and their families to become practitioners of self-directed care.



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Adult Services- MHASP provides recovery oriented person-first services to adults in all five counties. These community-based services offer adults with mental health diagnosis the opportunity to engage with the systems of care at a pace and level that is driven by each individual’s personal choices, hopes, dreams and aspirations.



Family and Youth Services- MHASP provides resilience oriented services to families in Delaware, Montgomery and Philadelphia counties. These educational, support and advocacy services are designed to inform and empower families in our region, so that they may make the best use of community resources to serve their individual and family’s needs.

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