Training for Success

A direct result of our leadership role in transforming mental health care over our 60+ year history, Mental Health Partnerships is called to provide nationally-recognized training and technical assistance programs to other nonprofits and service providers around the country. In fact, we’re the largest provider of certified peer specialists in the Commonwealth. 

What makes our training and technical assistance different and more effective is our insistence on having our program designed and facilitated by people in recovery or with lived experiences—all to help develop and implement recovery-oriented practices and recovery-oriented systems of care. 
While the specific program may vary based on organization need, we stay committed to delivering our training and technical assistance through a program model that reflects our values. To continually achieve this, we build team with unique experiences and skills expert at training peer counselors. 

Through our Institute for Recovery & Community Integration and Training & Education Center, we offer technical support designed to train practitioners and peers, help educate stakeholders, and assist agencies in implementing recovery, peer support, and community integration models in the behavioral health services that they provide. 

We offer training workshops and and direct technical assistance in a culturally-competent manner to family members, service providers and other stakeholders to help them facilitate a recovery process in themselves, their loved ones and/or their clients—all with the goal of helping facilitate processes that build hope and lead to recovery.