Mental Health America's 2018 Mental Health Voter's Toolkit!

From our friends at Mental Health America:

Do you know your candidates' plans to protect access to mental health care? 

Changes in health care and voting laws are happening at the state and federal levels, making it more important than ever for the mental health community to be involved in this year’s election. We prepared this voter guide to help people affected by mental health and substance use conditions feel empowered and able to vote; that candidates at the federal, state, and local levels are hearing the concerns of the mental health community; and that all voters are encouraged to vote with mental health in mind this November. This guide includes:

  • Voter Registration Information

  • A “November Elections Action Checklist”

  • Questions for Town Hall & Candidate Forums

  • Relevant Websites & Additional Resources

  • Review of Party Platforms

  • And Much More!

Click here to get your voter's toolkit!

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